Who Is Abigail's Clingy In The Crucible

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Abigail also makes it obvious that she is extremely clingy. During the duration of the play, Abigail’s main goal is to get with Proctor. Every chance she gets with him, she tries to lure him in; to try and be his woman. “John- I am waitin’ for you every night.” She directly tells him that she wants him and indirectly states that she is in love with him. “And you must. You are no wintry man. I know you John. I know you… door.” Abigail dreams of Mr. Proctor, hoping that one day, he will take her as his woman. She is exceptionally obsessed with him and she is not afraid to show it. As well as being dishonest and clingy, Abigail is also criminally-minded smart. Even though the play never directly displays that Abigail is smart, one can infer this
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