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Although Steinbeck gave up on writing for a few years, he eventually returned to begin a new start on his career. His novels were about economic problems and laborers in the 1900’s. Steinbeck grew up in Salinas, California and was born on February 2nd, 1902 and died December 12th, 1968. His mother was a school teacher who had encouraged his love for writing. John lived in a farm-like environment with many small ranches with his two sisters, Esther and Elizabeth (cited 6). As John began to grow up, he was trying to survive with his poor financial situation. John went to Standford University but he never graduated. A few years later he left and moved to New York to become a free lance in writing in 1925…show more content…
Her name was Elaine Scott (cited 6). She visited him while he was rewriting the “Zapata” script. They ended up getting married and from that point on, his writing career went on very well.Earlier, he had only sold a few thousand copies of his book “The Grapes of Wrath” . His first book that he wrote was called “Cup of Gold” and was published (cited 2). During that time period , Steinbeck wrote several articles and two novels which dealt with war (cited 2). Steinbeck influenced writing because it helped to changed our American society since he started his writing career. Most of his books talk about the 1920’s-1940’s, about immigrants and farmers. John Steinbeck was a versatile writer and described as a social-protest writer (cited 4). He was a great people-watcher and was fascinated with people from all walks of like. He experienced a great deal in his life time, such as family matter, love life and etc. One of his best love novels was the “ Grape of Wrath”. It was through this novel that society realized how the economy was. This book tells the specific story…show more content…
Lennie and George travels around the U.S a lot because of the job loss. One day they had found a job on a ranch and numerous amount of situations goes on, from one to another. They both had a big dream to fulfil, it was to have their own farm and house. They would have all the animals that they could think of and that Lennie could feed the animals. In the end of the book, Lennie dies because Lennie had killed his bosses wife on accident. Since Lennie is a huge person and everyone else is tiny compare to him. Eventually George shot him in the back of the head before anyone else could of killed him. This book was a tragedy, adventure and rural labor type of story. John Steinbeck’s literature influenced a lot of people because of the way he write his books. He makes them interesting and also it helps changed society. Steinbeck’s books make us human realize how our American economy is and how it works, also on how it affects everyone. John Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel prize in literature for his astonishing creative books. Steinbeck had died from a

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