Who I Am, Who I Will Be Essay

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Who I was, who I am, and who I will be Jordan Larkin-Sinn PSY 202 Dr. James Woodward June 9, 2012 Beginning of Life * Born in Seattle, Washington * Meeting my father * Parents wedding * Moving around (2.5-6 years old) School * Changing schools * Being the new kid * Meeting friends * Graduating fifth grade * Failing middle school (6th-8th grade) * The change to High School * Not making it in High School * Graduation on time After High School * No plans * Doing what I want to do Jobs * Burger King * Retail * Construction * Security Now * Wonderful girlfriend * Four amazing children * Working full-time * Going back to school * Graduating with Associates * Returning to further education My Future * Doing my best in school * Earning my Bachelors Degree * Being a great role model for my kids * Getting my dream job * Providing for my family * Owning whatever I want to own Who I Was, Who I Am, and Who I Will Be Despite having the advantages of having my parents married for my whole life, my life did not start out as the typical family normally would start. Even to this day my family is not the typical American family, but I guess with things the way they are this day in age, it might be the normal family. With the way I was raised and how my family is made up, I still had every advantage that everyone else had when it came to school and life. Quite possibly my life up until this point, has made me stronger and more willing to make life better for my family. It was a rainy day on February 3rd, 1982. I came into this world at 6:08am to the awaiting arms of my mother. My father at the time was not in the picture. You see, my parents meet about nine months before my birth. They met at a movie theater, in which my mother was working at the time

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