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Michael A White Jr. Mrs. Partington English 131S 22, April 2009 Who Am I, Where Am I From & Where Am I Going Growing up as a child I always wondered, who I am, where I am from and wondered what my future would be like. Now that I am older, I finally understand that God has a plan for everyone and it’s up to you to follow Gods word. As a little kid I always wondered how would life play out for me thoughts of will I make to college one day, are will I even make it to be gray and old it always was a thought in my head. But I wanted to do better and be better then what I grew up around, going through these experiences as a little kid I learned a lot, I learned no matter what always take care of you family always be there for a help and hand, because family is all you have, and having support from the ones that love you is one of the best feelings in the world. I also grew up being cared for by a single parent in my house hold, learning no matter what when I get older and have kids on my own never leave my family or walk out on my children, means being a father, something I never had in my house hold growing up as a kid. In addition I learned a lot of the years about myself and my environment that makes up myself image as a kid and my personality stating who am I, where am I from and where am I going in my life. For centuries the name Michael has been around and is one of the most common names in the world. Originally named after my father Michael Anthony White Sr. but also named after a lot of famous actors and even athletes, Michael Jordan is consider the greatest basketball player in the world still after his prime, calling him the God of basketball meaning he will never be replace and claiming his throne on being the greatest player in the game. But relating Michael Jordan to god may sound a little absurd but this famous basketball player known as

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