Who Had the Most Influence in Nazi Germany?

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Essay: Who had the most influence on Life in Nazi Germany and why? Life in Germany was tough under the Nazi rule, as they made it extremely hard for freedom of speech to be made and opposition parties to be successful. However, who were the people who made the most influence in Nazi Germany? Was it Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party? Or was it Himmler, the head of the SS, who brought fear to the nation of the Nazi Party? Could it even have been Goebbels, who created propaganda to promote the party, indoctrinating the innocent nation? Firstly, we shall investigate the contributions to the party by Hitler. We can see that he had strong ideas regarding the country, World War One, and also not to mention, about Anti-Semitism. Most of his views came from his experience in World War One, with the surrendering and the cause of the Treaty of Versailles, the inflation of money, and the War Guilt Clause. All these incidents brought him to influencing the public with his speeches and ideas supporting the German population. His powerful and charismatic speeches made it possible for him to bring his ideas across to the public, and his persisting opinions made it possible for one to change their opinion and agree with the things that he spoke about. Furthermore, Hitler set up the Hitler Youth, and did marching protests to popularise the party. In terms of when he was in power, Hitler caused many changes to influence the public in Nazi Germany. One of the things he did was to change the Oath of Allegiance to The Fuhrer Oath. Instead of it reading that one should be loyal to their people and country, it read that one should render unconditional obedience to the Fuhrer of the German Reich and people, Adolf Hitler, Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht. With this, he was able to change the country from democracy to dictatorship. In addition, once the Enabling Bill was passed
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