Athens Better System

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Citizenship in Athens or Rome: Which had the better system? Topic: Who had the better system Athens or Rome? Paragraph 1-Introduction Hook: Give me democracy give me equality. In all fairness I think Athens had the better the better system in my own personal opinion. Thesis Statement: After a long hard thinking process I have come to conclusion that Athens had the better system. Athens had a better system because anybody could hold office, they had more equal rights, and citizen’s had more of a voice in government. Background: This took place in 500 B.C.E on the Greek and Italian Peninsulas of the Mediterranean Sea. (Background Essay) Paragraph 2- Body Topic sentence: Athens had the better system because anybody could hold office.…show more content…
(Doc E) Explanation: It seems right that all should have a share in office filled by lot and any citizen who wishes to speak should be allowed to speak. Evidence: The steersman, boatswains, ship masters, lookout- men, and the shipwrights have brought the state much power through their logical thinking. (Doc E) Explanation: They all are smart and possibly even better than the best born elite, and can have a lot of great suggestions in say of things if given equal chances. So everyone in Athens was given equal rights even if not the brightest and they can make major impact on their community. Paragraph 4 –Body Topic sentence: Athens had a better system because citizen’s had more of a voice in government. Evidence: Athenians chose their officials including the Council of 500. (Doc E) Explanation: An executive committee that over saw the assembly by lot from the general citizenry. Evidence: The Assembly passed laws, set budgets, and had the power to declare war (Doc E). Explanation: Everybody was included and did everything together as a group not excluding anybody from having a voice in government and everybody had a say in what went on in their
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