Who Do You Think Deserves More Sympathy: Prospero or Caliban?

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Who do you think Deserves More Sympathy: Prospero or Caliban? Both Prospero and Caliban are iconic characters in the Shakespearean play ‘The Tempest’. Both have different roles and background. Prospero, the main character of the play is the ex-Duke of Milan. He was thrown of the title by his very own brother, Antonio. Prospero was then exiled to an island, with his daughter Miranda. He was very close to Miranda and loved her very much. This is shown when Prospero tests Ferdinand to see if he really loves Miranda as he doesn’t want her to be broken hearted. The following quotation proves my point, “I have nothing but in care of thee”, this is said when to Miranda when she is getting upset over the shipwreck. The phrase, “nothing but in care of thee” shows that everything Prospero has done is for Miranda. Moreover the thing that distinguishes Prospero from Caliban, and other people in the play, is his power of magic. Prospero is a magician who can enchant and summon things at his will. But on the other hand, Caliban is merely a deformed human, a native of the island. However his mother (Sycorax) was the ruler of the island and when she died the power should have been passed to Caliban. But this is when Prospero arrived, took over and made Caliban his slave. All was ok until Caliban did something which shattered the delicate relationship between Prospero and himself. When over viewing the characteristics and experiences, at first, the audience should feel sympathy for Caliban. As he is the slave who is being treated badly and Prospero is the ‘mean’ and ‘evil’ master. But it is only when looked at closely one would not know who to feel sympathy towards. One reason why it’s hard to decide is the fact that both characters (Prospero and Caliban) can be viewed as being evil and bad, but also good. A thing that makes us feel sympathetic for Prospero is the fact that he was
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