Who Controls the Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle Who controls the Bermuda Triangle? Is it phenomena, devils, or aliens? Is it just good old Mother Nature playing clever tricks? Whoever or whatever it may be, dozens of missing boats, planes, and bodies have vanished with no survivors—except for one man who defied his fate. It might appear that the Bermuda Triangle has long been forgotten. The truth is that science research and experiments, professional studies of wreckages along with expedition crews, have continued their ongoing activities seeking extensively to find the truth of what lies at the base of this invisible all consuming vortex. Recent information, based on a video produced by the History Channel, unveils many different approaches of what makes this very large triangular area a baffling mystery. The debates, the disappearances, the data, even a victim survivor, will reveal information that cannot be denied for discounting alien activity. In 1964, a Paranormal Researcher name Vincent Gaddis coined the phrase, The Bermuda Triangle, when he wrote an article for Argosy Magazine. During the span of 35 years up to the present date, 700 boats, 120 planes, and countless bodies have vanished without a trace after entering the Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devils Triangle. A triangular area spanning from 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles from the points of Miami, to Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, has been the culprit of the claim. According to documentation, all of these mystery disappearances occurred during fair weather. The take-off of aircrafts would be ordinary, their communications and equipment were sufficiently functioning. It is also recorded; those who called for mayday reported the same activity and surroundings before they vanished. Pilots would report that their compasses malfunctioned or stopped working, or reported that all instruments began to

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