Who Controls Health Care System? Essay

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These are just of a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself about your healthcare system and if you do, certain facts will become clear: 1. This system is designed to discourage "natural thinking" and dis-incentives to the open market place. Private companies can't get their products or research to the open market. 2. This system decentralizes related healthcare industries by legislating the profits out of a free enterprise system. 3. This system controls the flow of money to the industry through I.R.S. & F.T.C. regulations 4. This system slowly disarms the masses and dominates the direction of health care. 5. This system produces government entitlement programs for everything in healthcare. 6. This system forces people to get used to "someone else" paying for their health needs. 7. Once government has total control over healthcare, they can easily begin to remove more and more freedoms, very slowly under the guise of the "common good." 8. Soon you will realize that you have no freedoms left, only government programs. I've just described the present predicament of our health care system. Does this sound like the "democracy" that our founding fathers wrote about in the Declaration of Independence and spelled out explicitly in our Constitution? I think not. Government was never designed to "own" any part of the sovereign rights of the states or the people. It was not designed to interfere with everyday life. Government was to provide for the "Common Defense" and uphold the laws of the land. To those of us who have studied world economics and world politics, know that what I have just described is not a random act of government coming to the aid of their people in healthcare but is the classic case of a different form of government, Socialism. Socialism is a slow, non-violent takeover of all goods and services to its people.

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