Who Can Be an Entrepreneur Essay

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Laurent Pacariz 20216629 Individual Assignment Entrepreneur PBSB 821 Question 1: Who can be an entrepreneur? Clarence Wooten [pic] Described as a serial entrepreneur Clarence Wooten was driven by the need to earn a sustainable income. As denoted in the case study he was determined from a young age and with a work ethic and entrepreneurial background instilled within him by his parents was able to make a success of his multiple ventures. Role models and their influence His parents were indirectly his greatest role models; both were self-employed, hard-working and did not typically work a 9-5 job. Wooten because of the irregular lifestyle at home was compelled to adjust to continuous changing conditions (the case study refers to him moving between 8 school systems). This lay the foundation for him to be able to adapt, be resilient to changing conditions as well as to instill the desire to generate sustainable income. At the University of Maryland-Baltimore County he spent time with Peggy Southerland three-time Emmy Award winning computer animator who served as his mentor. The knowledge acquired about special effects and animations would serve as a basis for the startup of Metamorphasis Studios and Image Café. Clarence Wooten met Dwayne Walker an individual in the IT industry (who himself managed to raise $10 Million) instilled a belief that African-Americans were able to raise substantial capital. Earl Graves: the story of how he (Graves) sat next to a Pepsi Executive on a plane flight and obtained a Pepsi franchise motivated Wooten to do the same. This is how he met Bill Daniels his first prospective angel investor. Childhood experience with regards to entrepreneurship A key trait for a successful entrepreneur is discipline; his sporting background in basketball would have contributed to this as well as to the importance of team

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