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My Name My name, GBS IX. My first name, George, is English, French, Greek, and Latin. The origin doesn’t mean much to my family, but the meaning of the name does. The meaning of George is Farmer, or Earth Worker. But why it is so important to my family ancestry is that my ancestors were German farmers back in the early 1700s. My grandfather GES III. (my family calls him “Skip”), told my father to name me George as my first name, because as time went on, the Georges started twisting the meaning of the name. My Great Great Grandfather George E. S. Sr. came to America in search of the American Dream to make more money for his family, instead of being a farmer and make nearly nothing. Before he came to America, our last name was different by one letter, and that was the last letter. Ellis Island Immigration workers changed the last letter of our last name from S., to S. He wasn’t fond of the name change, but he did it for our family. People get confused that I am the ninth George S. in our family, since my grandfather was the III. What I tell people is that my middle name changed, and so the first name George is the ninth George in the family. I think it’s cool to have the name George S. IX, because it’s such a heavy tradition, and I will pass down to my son. My father will have the right to name my son George (granted I will have a son in the future), and my future wife and I will give him his middle name. But why is my middle name Benjamin? It’s quite simple if you know my father and I. My father was quite the jokester in the past, and still is today. Benjamin means “son of my right hand”. But why does that make my dad a jokester? Because he knew what Benjamin meant, and made sure I grew up being left handed in most things. Some I do right handed and others left. Writing I use my left, throwing is my left, but golfing or batting is right handed. My father is

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