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In the mirror she saw a unique girl. She's fairly active, tall, her grades are good and has a good supportive family. You could say she has a pretty good life. She lives with both her parents and a sister whom love her very much. Her self confidence is fairly weak and has always been that way as far as she can remember. Ever since grade 7 it's been pretty tough, as far as bulling was concerned. Bullying was a big part in her life, being a 5'8 tall girl in middle school wasn't very easy, but it had changed her for the better, it made her stronger. Even though she had survived all of that, some things still stuck with her. Now if she didn't have a strong connection with her family and friends, I'm not sure she would still be here. She's a tough girl and got through it, learning that what she had been through couldn't make her any less of a person. In the future she is planning on going to college, somewhere not to far away. She has no idea what she will want to be when she's out of school, but she has a decent idea. She is very interested in psychology and human behavior and finds the human brain fascinating and also finds everything about space also very amazing. She loves to learn about weird or interesting facts, and she's interested in other people's opinion on things. To stay active she plays a few sports such as skiing, horseback riding and volleyball. She has been skiing for 12 years this year, riding for 4 years and she just like to play volleyball even though she's not very good. As for school she enjoys a few subjects and triology being her favourite. She is average in English and math but because she has such a strong interest in psychology and sociology, that's what makes triology the most fascinating to her. She still has her whole life ahead of her to figure out what she wants to pursue in life, and what she's going to do after school. She has time

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