Who Am I? Essay

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Who Am I? I used to say to myself that I know myself fully. I used to say that I am strong, that I am unbendable. Every word of them just ricochets unaffecting me. But everything that happened to me gave me an extra understanding of the world I used to know. And these things used to ‘know’ are untrue. Every thing that passed thrilled my skin hairs like a ghost. I used to say to my face thru my mirror that I have this looks and pretty lips.This skin as white as an empty sheet of paper. But insecurities still exist. It’s not because I am selfish, It is because I can’t feel the grace and glory of this bless. In my veins flows the blood the marriage of eastern and western genes. It is somewhat the combination of different world and emotional aspect. I like color black. It answers the emptiness and blankness that I can see in the mirror. I like to be comforted and loved. One morning I woke up. Now, I got to sing the daily melodies. I grabbed my bag and prepared to for school. Cliché and tired things again. I need to get up and walk these paths again. I’ve lived this bittersweet life. Insecurities ,fears and doubts seemed to occupy my world. Bombarded yet empty. Insecurities. My family has seemed to be the perfect family if there is perfect ness in imperfectness. I’m the last in the siblings. Last and favorite. They thought it might be the best thing. To be the favorite. I never felt those things they say. I’ve been so caged with the control. Disable to do what I wanted to do. Controlled like a puppet without feelings and emotions. I’m not free and tied with this ugly truth. I feel like I’m the least person at home. Least to know the things and least in everything. I got insecure with the things they know, the things they can do. They treat me as a baby. I don’t know why everyone wants to be the last among their

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