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Who am I? Teenagers, mostly girls my age, are fond with clothes, gadgets, make-up, surgeries (to enhance their physical appearances), and boyfriends. They’re blessed with perfect hair, perfect body, perfect eye color and shape, perfect everything! They have people loving and caring for them, huge number of people, I might add at that. They have a better life than I do. Or so I think? They are beautiful compared to a potato like me. Yes I admit, I am a tad insecure. I don’t have a perfect body; instead I have a tiny and fragile one. My hair reassembles a bird’s nest. My skin tone sucks. My irises are pretty normal, too normal for my liking. I laugh like a retarded seal. I am even too weird to be called human. Over all, I’m not like most girls, perfect and gorgeous girls. But I am proud of myself. Because even if I am insecure as hell, I would never change just to “belong”, in this kaleidoscopic world I live in. No way am I letting society ruin my not-so-perfect life. Cliché as it sounds, but I hate that I love my life. My insecurities are the things that differentiate me from others. It describes my whole being. And it’s what makes me perfectly imperfect. I am that kind of girl that can keep her emotions hidden until she is alone. But I am never plastic. If I hate someone, I would never ever pretend to like them. Not in this lifetime. I care for my family and friends more than I care for myself. I defend the people I love. I can sacrifice my own good just to protect them, especially for my mother. I think too much and end up worrying. I decide on my own. I am a kind of girl that would never waste a millisecond of her existence just to please people who don’t even care about her. It hurts me to see the people close to my heart breaking down and crying. It angers me. And when I’m mad, I wouldn’t like myself. I punch doors, walls, floors, etc. I cry or even

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