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Who Am I? Go inside the mind of today’s teenage girl: “What am I going to wear?” “Will they like my outfit?” “That’s so last year!” “I have to watch that show!” I believe teenage girls think this way too often, “I want to be just like her!” In today’s society teenage girls often struggle to their true identity. Girls do not know how to create their own identity in today’s society. Popular television shows of often depict and mislead girls on how to act. One priority on a girls list is to keep up on the up-and-coming fashion industries. Going through high school girls spend countless hours and money on trying to press people or that certain someone at school. Teenage girls should stop worrying and trying to impress people, and learn to be themselves. Today television has made a big impact in our lives; families often spend more time in front of the television instead of with the family. Teenage girls have a schedule of what to do that goes around the television. School is even affected by this because girls will go and discuss what happened on a certain show. Shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The Hills” are very popular among teenage girls. In “Gossip Girl” it’s the story of upper eastside teens that live the perfect life. On the show you see the girls constantly back stabbing and not acting like they should. Teens need to realize that the show is not real life, and it’s part of the parent’s job to make sure they know that. Teens in the real world watch that and tell themselves it was on television so it must be okay for me to do. The same for “The Hills” Lauren started out on another television show that led into this one. The only difference is that is her real life, she’s been back stabbed, lied to and cheated on. You would think that girls see the pain she goes through and that would change, but it seems to do the opposite. Actress American

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