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Civilizations The term civilization comes from the Latin civilis, meaning a society in an advanced state of social development. Many people do not understand the real meaning of civilizations, and the many achievements they have accomplished. People see civilizations from the past as something that happened in the past and really do not realize that without the formation of these civilizations all over the world we would not be as far as we are. Without the Mesopotamian civilization we may not have advanced from the idea of the wheel or continued building roads. These civilizations also left many artifacts demonstrating the ways they lived and how they adapted to their environment. The Mesopotamia, Indus, and Nile civilizations are three civilizations from the past that accomplished many achievements each with its own unique feature that made a great contribution to today’s society. Three great examples that could be used to define the term civilization are Mesopotamia, Indus, and Nile civilizations. These civilizations were societies that advanced little by little with their great achievements. One of the major achievements of Mesopotamia is there writing system which was called cuneiform. A well know leader of Mesopotamia was Hammurabi, who created the code of Hammurabi around 1700 BCE which made the civilization stronger because it made it civil and easier to control. These achievements contribute to our society because it helped develop a writing system and thanks to the code of Hammurabi we also have laws today, but not as strict as Hammurabi’s codes were. Another civilization that also made great achievements was the Indus Valley Civilization which was formed around 2600–1900 BCE. The Indus Valley was a Civilization that was extremely well organized. Their drainage system, wells and water storage systems was a really great idea that

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