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Who am i? A question everyone at some point generally asks themselves at some point in their lives. What makes a person who they actually are? Is it what you think of yourself? Is it what others think of you? Could it even be our experiences that sculpt who we are? I believe that it is a culmination of these factors that make you who you are. My name is Andrew Ndubuisi, I am a 19 year old African American male. My father is from Nigeria so I am a prototype of how an African American should be classified. I am 5’9 and I weigh 195lbs. My hair is Black and my eyes are brown. Currently I live in Paterson New Jersey with my parents in their house. I attend Passaic County Community College majoring in early childhood development. I work part time at Burger King in Little Falls, New Jersey. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost three years now. I have been told that I am too nice; this sometimes isn’t because I am a kind hearted individual but because it is in African culture to help when asked. It is hard for me to say “No” to someone in need but if I don’t want to do something I’ll say little hints like, “this is really going to mess my schedule up” to hopefully get the person to realize that to do what they ask would be a burden or inconvenience to me. I would say that I myself am not a “black” man but a African American male because my father is not from this country. I believe that for an African American 5’9 is average height but for a Black American I think that it is below average. Looking around most other black males are 6’ and over, even my family on my mother’s side all my uncles are taller than 6’. Being a African American adult and to never have been in trouble in the law is quite rare because we are targeted by the system, but somehow I have been able to pull it off. I am drug free, including alcohol, and I am a part of the working

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