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WHO AM I? The obvious answer to this question is that I am Rosemarie D. Alden, a senior in college.. But this doesn't define who I am in person, the answer to the question cannot be found in a person birth certificate, his/her religion or his diploma, but it is found in a person heart and soul of a person I am just a typical teenager, who loves the technology and fun our world has adapted in the 21st century. I was born in the Philippines, in a Christian family, just seven pounds, always crying and ready to take pictures. I grew up in a normal sized house with a mother, father, and four siblings. I have a happy life being with my family, we are an active member of the Church of Christ, and an officer as well. I am a member of our church choir, in a soprano’s part. I almost have a perfect life with my family not until my father died last year 2010, he suffered from a toxic goiter on its last stage. It was a big step for my mom, but I was glad my mom was freed from a tormented life. Even though I've been through tough times, I managed to have a pretty normal life, my mom took care of us in any way possible, and she gave up her life dreams to pursue ours. I have also learn setting your life goals are easy but to accomplish them is very hard to me your life leads you to the path where your fate takes you, not where you want to be. My goals in life were to become famous and rich but now they are different my thinking is different. I want to become a daughter, where my mom can proudly say, "She is my daughter Rosemarie." I can never keep my mind set on what I want to be, first I wanted to be cosmetologist like my mom, and then changed to teacher, makeup artist, lawyer, or even in business. I may never know where I might end up. But where ever we end up it should be where we want to be, and are happy with our decision. Whenever I sit back and think what if I were

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