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Whitetail Deer Whitetail deer are an amazing species of animal that have very high senses such as sight, hearing, and even smell. They like to eat grass, corn, oats, and apples. Females carry their fawns for up to nine months, males mark their territory with their antlers and scent to tell everyone else they are there, they have special adaptations to help them stay hidden, and they have a very specific hunting season. The female deer also called a doe mates with a males also called a buck when she is in heat. After the buck impregnates the doe she will carry the fawn for six to nine months. She will choose a spot hidden from the other deer to give birth. After the doe gives birth she will eat the afterbirth, so no predators can smell it and find her hidden spot. Young deer called fawns stay hidden until they are able to walk well enough to follow their mother. Whitetail deer usually have twins but unfortunately sometimes one of them dies. Male deer also called bucks are very territorial and usually stick to a one square mile radius, when the food conditions are adequate. The bucks grow antlers which fall off yearly and grow back bigger. When the antlers fall off they are called sheds and can be found and used to make chandeliers. The bucks scrape the trees to mark their territory. During the “rut” the bucks are chasing after does. When the rut is in season the bucks will go out of their normal one square mile radius to look for does. The bigger bucks with the deeper voices usually get the does. If there is a doe in heat the bucks will follow them wherever, they will walk onto the road without looking causing more car accidents during this season. During this period of time the deer’s tarsal glands get really smelly so other deer can clearly tell the sex, condition, and dominant status. The tarsal glands are located on the deer’s inner hind leg. Whitetail deer

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