White Women's Rights Movement

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White women’s rights from black women’s view In the 19th century, a revolutionary concept of women’s right emerged into the American public along with the idea of abolition of slavery which initiated a debate on the equality of sexes and races. The common goals of these movements were to seek out the civil equality and autonomous rights based on the religious moral being regardless of gender class and race. Nevertheless, the women’s rights movement was shaped by the racial prejudice and social hierarchy from the moment of its beginning. The feminist movement invoked the political rights of franchise, property rights and the elimination of gender inequality. The movement of woman’s suffrage and feminism started with middle class liberal white women who strived to blend themselves in to the mainstream culture based on…show more content…
By large number of members from African American community were seeing it as a white women’s movement, because black women did not see their counterparts as much of opponents as white women did. In an addition white women were only oppressed under the sexist cultural phenomenon by their same race men and black people either male or female were both oppressed under the slavery system. Then it put black feminist in a horrible predicament in terms of gain the political foothold in a racist American system. On the contrary of white feminism, black women had always been equal to their male counterparts since they involuntarily migrated to America. The primary concerns of black women’s were to uplifting all black people from devastating plight of a racist society. Therefore the initials of women’s rights movement had created a double obstacle for black women. Black people severely suffered mental physical torture and discrimination way more than white women, so the racism became the first battle to

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