White Tiger Case-Study

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White Tiger Case-Study Surprising to most people, the only way that white tigers are produced is through genetic manipulation and severe inbreeding done by humans. This results in many deformities and defects in all of the white tigers that are put through this unethical process. The myth of there being a rare White Bengal Tiger is just an illusion or an excuse that people use to delude the public into thinking that these tigers are an endangered species and need to be preserved for future generations to come (Baskin 1). In reality the people who breed the tigers are using them for entertainment purposes, economic purposes, and their personal benefit not for the conservation effort that they claim is much needed to preserve the white tiger species. We need to educate ourselves of this fraud and take measures to stop the cruel inbreeding that is being done, and consider the well being of the tigers. The white tiger is not a subspecies of a tiger or an animal that would really be found in the wild, it is a genetic defect (Baskin 1). The last recorded or known wild white tiger was shot in 1958 (Loadstar’s Lair 2). A white tiger would not have been found in snowy areas as many are lead to believe, but actually in a more tropical area since the first white tiger came from a Bengal (Baskin 1). The ancestral white cub whom all of the present white tigers came from was found in 1951 in India and was taken to a zoo where it was bred (Loadstar’s Lair 1). It was bred with a normal colored female tiger, but did not produce any white cubs. They bred the white tiger back to one of his own daughters which finally produced white cubs, and this is how the inbreeding of white tigers began (Loadstar’s Lair 1). The gene that produces white tigers is a double recessive gene which is very harmful (Baskin 1). The white tigers are not a healthy animal and are not a

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