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WHITE TEETH White Teeth is an epic novel written by Zadie Smith, the story is set in the 1970s to 2000. The book is set mainly in Willesden, North London. White Teeth is not so much about teeth, but a metaphor for the many people of the world, as well as immigration going on in Europe during this time. The question is that we shall answer is how did the immigrants livelihoods' and identities change after they arrived in the United Kingdom compared to their previous situations? This essay will discuss and show how they changed or didn't change from their previous lives to their new found lives in a new country as immigrants. This book give a look into the lives and livelihood of immigrants to new country's and how their children, who were born their still never quite understand who or where they truly come from. The story start out about an English man named Alfred Archibald Jones (Archie), he is down on his luck and is going to attempt suicide. His reason for suicide is because his wife has just left him, he is 47 and to old to start over. But as fate would have it, while in his car, gassing himself with the carbon- monoxide from the engine, comes along a butcher, Mo Hussein- Ishmael. Mo saves him from the gas ridden vehicle just in time. All the sudden Archie has a new found energy about himself and realizes that he has a second chance, and with that second chance, he wants to do something with his life. That same night Archie goes to an end of the world party, while at that party he meets a young Jamaican lady half his age, her name is Clara Bowden. Archie is smitten by Clara although he is curious to know why she is missing her front teeth. The author tells us later in the story of how Clara became toothless. It happened when she was a teenager, her mother was a devout

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