White Room - Jack Bruce & Pete Brown

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White Room Jack Bruce and Pete Brown Explore how the poets have used a range of language techniques to convey a negative image. Without love and affection many will succumb to grief and regret. In the poem “White Room” by lyricists Jack Bruce and Pete Brown, a man shares his emotions towards a lost love and the sadness and depression caused by separation. The disorderly structure of the poem which is expressed in the jumbled imagery and stop-start stanza's, has been used to create a negative image of emotional difficulties and an unstable relationship experienced through heart break. As well as using metaphor, free verse, transferred empathy, refrain and litotes, the lyricists have used imagery to create a mental image of darkness and grief. The poets have created a dream like surreal image, by using language which shows sadness and depression. The preposition “In” immediately creates an image of confinement and an enclosed area. The adjectives “white” and “black” is a metaphor of the differences the man and women have, it also creates a mood of darkness and light, sad and happy, which are the changes this man has been put through. These claims are backed up by the noun “curtains” which suggests privacy and seclusion, this could imply that this couple enjoyed being secluded or isolated from the outside world. The noun “station” tells us that the relationship is “near” departure or leaving. The effect of these words shows the confinement this couple experience, and suggests a emotional departure. By using descriptive language to convey a surreal image, the poets have created a mood of sorrow and darkness. The adjective “Blackroof” infers darkness and despair. The effect of the noun “country” is not to describe a specific country, but to emphasise the isolation and vastness of the place. The adjective “gold” implies a bright and happy scene, but
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