White Privlege Essay

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One Minute Paper White Privilege and Racism Lindsey Anderson People of color have described for years how whites benefit from unearned privileges. It was Peggy McIntosh, Associate Director of the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women who first articulated her thoughts about this subject on paper. She was one of the first people ever to write an article on white advantage. This article, titled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” has been used in classrooms and workshops throughout North America. The term invisible package refers to the author’s belief of her colors package of unearned assets, which she can count on cashing in each day. Considering what I learned in the videos I viewed and what was contained Peggy McIntosh’s article, my eyes are now open to the reality that white privilege is real and that I exist within it’s realm. I decided to show my understanding of my power privilege as a white female through a check-list echoing the likes of Peggy’s. I decided to look at the effect that racism has in society by identifying the daily effects of white privilege in my day to do life. White Privilege Checklist 1. I seldom find myself in a minority group. 2. The likeliness of a landlord not renting me an apartment, after I tell him my skin color, is slim. 3. I can walk into a store without being worried that security may follow me. 4. I can confidently say, I have never been pulled over by the cops due to racial profiling. 5. I can move forward in life comfortably, without my race being held against me. 6. I never have to lie about what country I am from. 7. I can count that my skin color will not work against me in the justice system. 8. I can always find makeup to match my skin tone perfectly, and I can guarantee that my shampoo is always in over-stock. 9. I go to my daughter’s school activities and feel a sense of

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