The White man will eat you

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The White Man Will Eat You! “The White Man Will Eat You,” by William E. Wormsley, and published by Wadsworth Group in 2002, was the ethnography book I read. William Wormsley was and anthropologist that visited the Imbonggu of New Guinea in May 5, 1975. He was interested in this area because when he was younger he was drafted to Vietnam and due to that experience he wanted to do field work after he became an anthropologist. He was basically still a young anthropologist so he had not direct field of study. This was going to be the beginning of his adventures and obstacles as an anthropologist. In this paper I will be discussing two main topics. The use of land as paired with hunting and gathering and spiritual beings. Also I will discuss the roles of men and women in the village and how they are all viewed in terms of kinship. My ultimate goal of this paper will be to inform the reader on how these two topics are very much related and how that without everyone contributing their own special part, the village would crumble and disarray would run wild. On May 5, 1975 William Wormsley embarked to Papua, New Guinea to live not as a white man or as an anthropologist, but as a member of the tribe of the Imbonggu. That was his main objective, not to be seen as an outsider and be alienated, but to be accepted and welcomed within the Imbonggu. The first day that her arrives in the small village he gets viewed from all of the individuals in many different ways. Some se him as a threat because almost every other white man that has visited, came for a purpose. “The appearance of a white man in an Imbonggu village nearly always implied trouble or at the very least some inconvenience or unpleasantness” (p18). They would come from miles around to collect taxes, health inspectors, and entrepreneurs looking for a thrill. All others that have visited before,

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