“White Fang” by Jack London

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“White Fang” by Jack London The novel opens as two men, Bill and Henry, were going about spruce forest, carrying the dead body of Lord Albert to be buried. Over the course of the journey, their dog sled was pursued by a hungry pack of wolves. Soon, this pack went at Bill and ate him. Just as Henry was about to be eaten by the wolves, the soldiers, who were looking for Lord Albert, emerged and saved him. So the wolf pack went back to their cave, where the she-wolf gave birth to her young. But hunger had reduced the poor puppies to skin and bone, and afterwards they died, except for one cub, a little gray wolf. One day an emergency case had happened, as the cub and she-wolf were caught by the Indians. It was precisely the Indians, who gave the names to the wolves as Kiche and White Fang. They became the dogs of Gray Beaver. When they reached the Indian camp, an older puppy named Lip-lip was annoyed at White Fang’s presence. The cub was rattled by all the dogs in the Indian camp, and as a result, he became annoyed and ferocious one. Soon, famine struck again, and White Fang went back to the Wild life. When hunger passed, he returned to Gray. But his master sold White Fang to Beauty Smith, who kept him caged and reduced him to contest the other dogs, his contenders. As a result W.F. became a killer. He went along in every contest until he contended with Cherokee, a mastiff. Cherokee's jaws clamped down on his throat and W.F. tried to set himself free, but all his attempts went down the drain. Weedon Scott, a stranger, who emerged in that area, saved White Fang. The cheerful men Weedon Scott and his friend Matt, realized how intelligent White Fang was and went easy on him. Scott persuaded White Fang that he had to go by with them. And soon White Fang began to love Scott, and even when he had to go back to his home in California, White Fang forced Scott to take
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