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White Fang Book Report Introduction The novel I choose to do my book report on is the story book “White Fang” by Jack London. The reason I choose this particular story to do my report is because it looked familiar to me when the list of possible books to choose from was mentioned during the lecture. When I was younger my older brother was assigned this book school and I too wished to read it however the curriculum had changed and I never took the opportunity to read it on my free time. Chapter 1 The novel begins with a team of mushers as they journey through the Wild defying it’s will of being void of movement. Two men assisted the dogs in the toiling of pulling the sled, one in the front while the other pushing from the back and a third man lay lifeless on the sled conquered by the Wild who took the life of man as an offence, “For life is movement; and the wild always aims to destroy movement” (London 1). As their journey through the Wild treaded on, darkness befell upon the men and their team of dogs. Accompanying the descent of the sun arose the cries of a pack of hungry wolves forewarning their attack on the team. When there was no more sun in the sky the men and dogs set up camp surrounding a fire. After feeding the dogs Bill tells Henry how they have an extra dog in their original team of six. As the men came to the realization that the seventh dog they fed was not one of theirs, howling wolves from the surrounding darkness began formation intent on assaulting the men. Succumb by fear the dogs cringed and crawled at the legs of Henry and Bill. With their only option being to wait the night out the men lay out their beds made of fur and blanket on the top of spruce boughs. As the men slept, the dogs kept watch over the menacing eyes lurking in the darkness. Awaken by the snarling of the dogs Bill got up to throw more wood into the fire. The extra dog had

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