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In White Fang by Jack London, two men are traveling in "the savage, frozen-hearted Northland Wild" to transport a body to Fort McGurry. During this period, there is a famine and a pack of wolves stalk the two men and their six dogs. Soon, all the dogs, who were lured by a she-wolf, and a man are eaten by the wolf pack. The other man is saved by a group of men from Fort McGurry. The point of view shifts to the she-wolf and her mate Old One-Eye after the famine has past. The she-wolf soon has pups and all but one dies from hunger; One-Eye also dies after looking for food in a lynx's lair. Before long, the surviving pup travels out of his cave and chances upon a group of Indians who name him White Fang. The Indians laugh at White Fang, which he soon comes to hate, and hit him. White Fang cries out in terror and his mother comes to his rescue, then one of the men, Gray Beaver, recognizes her as Kiche, his dead brother's dog. Kiche and White Fang live with Gray Beaver and soon White Fang learns to defend himself from the other dogs because they see him as a wolf - he is 1/4 dog and 3/4 wolf. When Kiche leaves with a friend of Gray Beaver, White Fang becomes a lonely, quick, and fierce fighter; he is the "enemy of his kind". The main conflict of White Fang is character vs. nature. White Fang does not have a real home; he has never felt love, only the feeling of having to protect his master's "property". Presently, Gray Beaver moves to Fort Yukon and becomes broke when he gets addicted to alcohol. As a payment, Gray Beaver sells White Fang to Beauty Smith, an ugly man who likes to watch dogs fight to the death, and now all White Fang does is illegally fight animals for entertainment and bets for men. However, White Fang's life changes when a man named Weedon Scott sees what is happening and takes him with him. White Fang realizes that a man's hand is not always bad and

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