White And Dark Chocolate

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White and dark chocolate In Maya and Aztec empire time, there was a special drink known as "Drink of the gods". Every body was looking to drink it because it was only for special people, such as kings, noblemen, great warriors, and priests (Lass, 1999, p11). Moreover, they believed that drink has a power to heal people and protect from many disease. In 1519, Spanish conquer and explorer went to Aztec empire. As part of king welcome to his guest, he had offered him some of his black holy drink in a ceramic cub in a ceremony with special dance by Aztec dancers. The cup was painted with a lot of graphics that tells stories about a fruit; in that time, they called it in their language "Kakao" (Stuart, 2006, p193) . After he drunk it, he felt the pleasure of life and power. He took samples of the trees to plants them in Spain. Since that time, it started to separate over the world. This tree is known now as Cacao tree that gives cacao beans (Carr, 2003, p18). It is used to make chocolate. Today we have 2 main kinds of chocolate: white and dark. Both of them are made from cacao butter, lecithin, and sugar. However, white chocolate get this color because it has full cream milk powder whereas dark chocolate gets the dark color from cocoa liquor or solids. A lot of people do not know which is healthier chocolate the dark or white; however, based on the nutrition information, caffeine and antioxidant foods scale, the dark chocolate is the healthier choice. Some people think white chocolate is good choice for their diet, but nutrition information for the both white and dark chocolate presents different conclusion. Based on the nutrition information for chocolate 1 oz or 28.6g from Chocolate Necessities Company, white Chocolate contains 7.41% calories, 15% protein, total fat 5.5%, 96.75% of cholesterol, and 15.40% sugar more than dark chocolate. Nevertheless, it has

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