White Chapel Murders Essay

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In my document I will be explaining why so much attention was attracted towards these White Chapel murders from three different prospective. First I will be explaining how the murders made people panics during the 19th century and whether Victorians were right to think crime was the problem. Secondly you shall find out whether Jack the Ripper masked more important real fears of revolution. And lastly I shall tell you the press coverage meant that it received a lot of attention. The Victorians had always had faith in progress and they especially believed that crime could be beaten. They had evidence that the crimes were falling as the annual publication of Judicial Statistics for England and Wales proved this when it was taken in the middle of the 19th century. However it was well known that the Metropolitan Police listed many reported thefts as lost property up until the 1930’s so this means there are some serious problems with this data as it isn’t reliable. Also people in the poorer parts of the Victorian community problem never treated the police with much respect as…show more content…
A significant percentage of company flotations were fraudulent during the nineteenth century. Although the behaviour of the corrupt businessman provoked outrage and, when caught and convicted, a hefty prison sentence, he was usually described as an exception to the rule, a 'black sheep' or a 'rotten apple' in contemporary parlance. He was not conceived as a member of those who, particularly in the 1860s, the Victorians labelled as 'the criminal class'. | Overall crime had definitely increased during the industrial revolution as there were much more different items you could thieve so this was a big temptation for people to steal. Also the increase in robbery. However the statistics were not reliable as people did not tell the truth and even if they did the police themselves biased the results to make them look

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