White Blood Cells Essay

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White Blood Cells Bacteria exist everywhere in the environment and have continuous access to the body through the mouth, nose and pores of skin. Many cells age and die daily. These remains must be removed and this is where the white blood excels. Without white blood cells we would not be able to survive. White blood cells are our body’s number one defense against infections. They help keep us clean from foreign bacteria that enter our bodies. Statistics show that there are five to ten thousand white blood cells per micro liter of blood; however this number will increase during an illness. White blood cells can differ in many ways by size, shape and staining traits. There are five different kinds of white blood cells that fall into two separate categories. One category is called, agranulocytes, and the other is called granulocytes. There are three different types of agranulocytes. Neutrophils are a phagocyte, produced in the bone marrow that ingests and destroys bacteria extremely fast. Eosinphils is a type of white blood cell that secretes poisonous materials in order to kill parasites, allergies, and phagocytosis of bacteria. The third type of granular leukocytes is called, basophils. Basophils major function is secretion. There are two different kinds of agranular white cells. One is called monocyte and the other is called lymphocyte. The major function of monocyte is phagocytosis. These cells move very quickly and are therefore able to consume bacteria and dead tissue at a fast rate. Lymphocytes major function is immunity. There are many different forms of lymphocytes and all of the different forms have different functions. B-lymphocytes produce plasma cells which form antibodies. In general leukocytes clear away dead cells from the body or destroy specific bacteria, viruses, and other agents of

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