Whirlpool Hoods & Hobs Essay

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In the time after recession, India is moving towards becoming a developed country, disposable incomes are on the rise because of which the standard of Indian living is on the upward trend. And with this, the market demand for sophistication and technology in households is booming. Modular Kitchens is one such actegory, Whirlpool India has planned to enter this emerging segment. The Built-In Kitchens in India is dominated by experienced players like Faber, Cata and Kaff offering low to medium range products but a major chuck of the Built-In Kitchen market is also captured by Local Players offering unbranded products. Whirlpool wants to understand the market in Hyderabad and other Metropolitan cites (its major markets for built-ins) before it enters this category. Whirlpool is already into water purifiers (only RO type). It wants to increase its market penetration and reach in major cities for which it wants to explore the DTH (Direct to home) and DAP (Domestic Appliance Products) Channels. Literature/Library review: The project includes analysis of the market in the twin cities (Hyderabad and Secundrabad) for Built-in Kitchen Appliances. The study involves conducting surveys and research to understand Market trends and strategies of existing players. Research design (survey) will be based on the gaining insights for a new product launch in India. o The survey would be conducted across the twins cites (Hyderabad and Secundrabad). It would be focused on dealers and distributors of Modular Kitchen Products so as to understand the current market dynamics. o The structure of the survey would start from eliciting Product Information from dealers as well as distributors and also gain cues on the best selling products. It would aid in deciding whether to compete directly with these products or move to a different segment and carve a niche. o The market

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