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William Tecumseh Sherman: Civil War Hero William Tecumseh Sherman was a Union general in the Civil War, who made a huge impact on the outcome with his splitting the Confederacy in half, his strong strategies, and his leadership. William Sherman is said to be the man that cut the Civil War down by months, with his march across Georgia and to the sea which left a trail of destruction that eventually broke the union apart. Sherman’s tactic in the Civil War was to break down every city as he passed through it. This was known as total war. Sherman guided his men calmly through each city with his outstanding leadership skills. William T. Sherman shortened the war and was a great strategist and leader, which led him to make a big impact on the Civil War. William Tecumseh Sherman is mainly known for his 1864 march down South through Georgia to the sea. This journey is known today as “Sherman’s March to the Sea”. Starting from Chattanooga, Tennessee, he and his troop of around 100,000 men began to head for Georgia with the plan to destroy it as they pass through. When the men reached Atlanta, the were met with a Confederate troop led by General Joseph Johnston, who was soon replaced by General John Bell Hood, who was defeated by Sherman, and surrendered Georgia’s capital to Sherman and his troop on September 1st, 1864. On November 15th, the troops head out from Atlanta, marched for another month to Savannah, Georgia, leaving his bloody mark everywhere he passed. Sherman reached Savannah, and charged at Fort McAllister, which helped him gain control of Savannah on December 21st, 1864. Sherman headed to the Carolinas to finish of his march through the Confederacy. “The results of this remarkable march justified Sherman's strategic expectations and, together with Grant's victories in Virginia, destroyed the Confederacy's ability to carry on the war.” (Wicker) William

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