An Analysis Of The Short Play 'While The Auto Waits'

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Samantha Warrington English Comp. 2 Ashlyn Dugan 12, March 2015 While the Auto Waits The short play While the Auto Waits is consumed with irony. The girl, whose name is unknown until the end, is full of self deception and yearns for the life of upper class luxuries. The young man, Mr. Parkenstacker remains calm and full of calculation as he hides his true identity from the girl. During their conversation both characters are hiding their identity from each other by pretending to be the opposite of their true social status, coincidentally pointed towards each others identity. In the end they both return to their real social identities which makes for a strong dramatic twist. The young lady is extremely vain and seems to be ashamed of her status in society. She is a young lady with a huge imagination who works at the restaurant across from the park. She is sitting on a park bench wearing a gray dress with a large veil covering her face while reading. Just as she drops her book a man picks it up for her sparking a conversation between the two. The man gives her his name but she refuses to give him her name stating,…show more content…
Upon hearing this, Mr. Parkenstacker portrays that of a commoner who has no idea of having financial authority but claims to consider himself a connoisseur of the rich and well-to-do class. "I’ve always liked to read up on the habits and customs of the wealthy class. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur on the subject." The young man seems to be over confident yet charming. "You know, you’ve got to be the stunningest girl I’ve ever seen. Honest." At first glance, upon him pouncing to pick up the dropped book, it is lead to believe Mr. Parkenstacker is simply a passerby in this public park. Later in the story it seems as if he has been coming to this exact park for some time to watch the young girl. "I had my eye on you since yesterday," he says to
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