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* Identify your selected image by briefly describing the image in your own words. The picture that best describes my writing process is the picture of what looks like mountains with a waterfall and a piece of land on either side of the water. On the left side there are two trees, also a few rocks sit in the water. On the right side there are four trees and several rocks in the water. It seems to be a bright sunny day. * Explain why you picked this image to symbolize your writing process The picture represents my writing process because I feel like I struggle with writing. I'm not sure what to write and / or how to write it. One of the two trees on the left side repersents me and the four trees on the right side repersents my other classmates. I have trouble writing, while others can write well. The Rocks Repersents knowledge. The waterfall repersents falling short, or fear of failing. The mountain repersents success. Climbing to the top is acheving my goal(s). The sun repersents being warm and postive. * Point out at least one advantage to the process that this image symbolizes. One advantage of my writing process is the sun. Once I reach the top of the mountain, meaning I've climbed my way to the top, conquering my fears. Even though it may take me longer to come up with something to write, than it may take others, being postive will help me in the long run. If I believe that I can do it, I'll have a better attitude about doing my writing, than if I start off by telling myself there is no way I can do this. * Point out at least on disadvantage to the process that this image symbolizes. By climbing the mountain, it symbolizes having trouble getting started. This maybe a disadvantage because we have deadlines of when assignments are due. * Discuss any changes you'd like to make to your writing process. Is there another image that

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