Which One Will Stand Out and Become Presidet Essay

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Which One Will Stand Out And Become Preside Our former president Theodore Roosevelt once said “A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” Looking further into what Mr. Roosevelt was stating it is made clear that each person has the choice to do what he/she wants with their vote. Whether it is gathering information by watching the debates, reading what the candidates stand for, placing a vote, or letting the opportunity slip away complaining about what should and should not be done. When it comes to choosing the right person to lead our country one cannot simply base a vote on charm and appearance, but use their judgment based on what the candidates plans are to prosper this country. As an American citizen we have a duty to exercise our right to vote and place power into the hands of the one we feel is capable of maintaining the high standards of the United States. In this research paper you will see what sets President Barrack Obama apart from former governor Mitt Romney as it relates to jobs and the economy, health care, and education. If we look at the job market before Barack Obama took office as the president of The United States jobs were plummeting to record lows losing up to 800,00 jobs a month. Employees have been replaced in the workplace by machines and many jobs are being distributed to other countries. For example, the poll plazas that were once filled with smiling faces wearing Hawaiian shirts are all replaced by Sunpass or toll by plate which has put many employees out of a job forcing them to foreclose homes and go on the exhausting hunt for a new job. Another example is, calling customer service and the person answering the phone is someone located overseas. Mitt Romney is supporting this by protecting tax breaks, creating tax incentives to companies who move jobs overseas, and eliminating taxes on foreign

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