Which One Comes First? Economic Or Politic Essay

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Which One comes first? Politic or Economic? In this case, in my opinion, we must to see this problem from 2 sides. First is as citizen and second is as an investor. First, as citizen, which one comes first? The basic of life is human need foods and money to get it. For control and get the economic interest, then politic appear. The most important needed of human or citizen is not in hunger. When the basic needed of human are filled, politic and government will stabile, there will no more people upheaval. The economic activity and security will save. When the condition of economic and security of a country stabile, political will not influent as big as in a country which has a lot of problem of poverty. When the people are full and unemployment rate is low, the country will secure and economic activity will be better. (For example: Belgium is a country with crisis of politic and politic dispute, but the economic and development still going well without government). In the other hand, when number of poverty is high, there are will appear a lot of problem in country. When the people in hunger, probably they will rebel, the number of crime will increase and corruption will happen in all segments, especially in government. Then, politic appear dominate in every segment because everything must to be rearranged and controlled. In poor or developing country politic condition is dynamic because of power struggle or some people want to reach their personal interest by using politic. When people in hunger that means there are a lot of problem than need to solve and a lot of problem will happen in the country. When country has a lot of problem of economics, politic is really needed to make the country better. Second, if we were an investor, which one we should look at first? It depends to the country which we want to invest. For example, if an investor wants to invest

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