Which Literature Work Is Better, Crow Lake or Proof

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Crow Lake is a non-fiction novel that mainly writes about sibling relationship. The love between main character Kate Morrison and her older brother Matt plays a major role in this book. There are other types of emotions that are also important in the book, such as misunderstanding between Kate and Matt, deep guilt in Kate’s heart, and love between Daniel and Kate. All these elements make up this story. Proof is also a story about human relationship. Different from Crow Lake, Proof is mainly focus on love and trust between people. These two literary works have different styles. Crow Lake does not have strong conflicts and emotions, it is a peaceful story from the beginning to end. Proof has interesting settings that make the whole story shows strong conflicts and people’s characters, which is better than Crow Lake. Also, theme of Proof is closer to daily life. Characters, conflicts, and themes make play Proof be a better literary work than Crow Lake. Different characters can constitute different stories. Kate and Catherine have similar experience, but the way they solve problems and how they communicate with people are totally different. Kate lost her parents when she was seven, then she was raised up by her brothers, who made huge scarification in their life. Early year experience makes Kate admire her brothers, at the same time, she feels disappointed and guilty to them, especially to Matt. When she teaches, she always thinks about “If things had turned out differently, it would have been Matt standing in front of them instead of me”(Part4, Chap16, Pg200), the reason for that is due to her guilt to Matt. She is very sensitive and lack of communication with people, even to Daniel, her boyfriend, she refused to share her secrets and past with him. Facing Daniel’s question about her family, Kate only wanted to know “had he seen the invitation or not.” (Part2,
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