Which Is Better College Or High School

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Is it better to go to college right after high school or take a break first? I think that it’s better to go right after for many reasons. I chose to take a break and I regret it. It is better to go right after you get out of high school for a few reasons which are, you do not forget anything, less responsibility, and get out of school sooner. The first reason is that you will not forget anything from high school. I took a break and forgot everything so when I took my placement test I got remedial classes in almost everything, which sucks. Now I have to go to school for an extra semester to learn it all again then start my classes. I do not want to be at school any longer then I have to so if I went right after I would have done excellent. If there is a waiting period of a year or two, your learning mentality could become very weak. The ambition to continue an education could become a bit weak and questionable. Knowing that forgot everything could make you not want to go back. Second is because you have less responsibly. The longer you wait the harder it gets. You are not married, you do not have any kids you do not have a full time job. If you are going to be sitting around doing nothing why not go and get a career. Some people take a few years off and get their own place, a lot of bills, kids, and all that is just holding you back. You need money for bills because they come first but if you still live with your parents you do not have to worry about all of that. I have a lot of those resposibilys and it is a lot harder to get my work done. To many distractions. Finally my last reason is that you get done with quicker. /the faster you’re done with school then quicker you get a chance at your career if you have chosen one. I don’t know about anybody else but for me I go to school so I get a job that I want and I cannot wait to start as soon as possible. My

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