Which Economy to Live in 13/15 Essay

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Out of the four economic systems I would want to live in ; I would choose a Traditional economy. When you live under a Traditional economy people do not have to worry about searching for a job, citizens are not obligated to pay for bills or taxes, and you will have resources close by. In other economies jobs are hard to come by; whether you need to meet educational requirements or you have to compete for one., but in a Traditional economy you inherit your job for your parents. Men are the majority of workers ,while the wives stay at home. The common jobs when working in a Traditional economy are farming, hunting,and bartering. The economic system denies to enforce taxes and bills to the citizens. The Amish work for what they eat and wear. The government does not have a role in a Traditional economy; therefore, taxes and bills do not need to be paid to them. The other plus of living in a Traditional economy is having resources near you. The only economic system that has all their resources made and grown close by is the Traditional economy. There are weekly markets that the community goes to, to collect the goods they need that week. Every person in the community chips in and helps. Although in a Traditional economy the standard of living is low, you inherit the jobs your parents had, the community does not have to pay bills or taxes, and goods are locally farmed and

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