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Which cake are you? Mostly A - Oreo ice cream cake from Cold Stone Mostly B- rainbow cake from hummingbird Mostly C- plain cheesecake from cheesecake factory Mostly A’s: you are exceptionally adventurous and outgoing. One of your passions is a love for cuisine therefore you have a colourful pallet of different, international foods. Apart from this, you never opt for anything common or usual, which further contributes to your spontaneity. Most Bs: Although you are daring, you choose safe and definite options rather than the likely chance of a mishap, which is inevitable when taking risks. Your choice is creative yet sensible; a great combination to have! Mostly Cs: you enjoy the comfort of familiarity and experience. Your style is generally classy, effortless and timeless. Each of your decisions are well informed and meticulously planned out to avoid any unwanted circumstances. 1. What is your favourite food out of the list below? A) sushi B) smoked salmon C) home-made penne arrabiata. 2. Which is your preferred juice to have on a Friday morning: a) Pomegranate, banana and strawberry b) Watermelon c) Orange 3. Your ideal holiday would include: a) lots of trekking and sightseeing b) shopping and boat rides c) watching operas/plays and hanging out by the beach 4.Your worst nightmare would be: a) losing all of your souvenirs from travels b) losing your contacts from your phone c) a huge mess in your kitchen after someone dropped their food. 5.Whats your favourite song: a) Calvin Harris ft Alesso : under control b) M83 : Midnight City c) John Mayer : your body is a wonderland 6. Your favourite music artist is : a) Lady Gaga b)Katy Perry c) The Beatles 7. The car that best fits your personality : a) the Batmobile b) Bentley c)

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