Whether Hk Should Impose Waste Levy Essay

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Opening Good afternoon everyone, Each day, around 13,400 tonnes of waste is generated in Hong Kong, sufficient enough to fill over four swimming pools, with nearly 70% consisting of household waste. The growing waste loads are filling up the three current landfills at such an alarming speed that they will be overloaded by 2020. With the recovery rate for household waste at only 14%, and HK’s domestic waste generation rate per capital remarkably exceeding Tokyo’s and Seoul’s by 77% and 43% respectively, not only is there a strong community consensus on the pressing need to take decisive measures to reduce household waste, a public consultation conducted by the Government in 2012 also affirmed the support of the community for implementing waste charging. Based on the previous success of the plastic bag levy in fulfilling its aim, which is to discourage the distribution of plastic bags, as well as the urgency to solve the household waste problem, we suggest a quantity-based charging mechanism by volume. Households will use pre-paid garbage bags provided by the Government, and the levy charge will be adjusted according to the response generated from the public. The money collected will be used to fund other waste treatments and environmental protection works. The aim of waste levy is not to increase fiscal surplus, but to reduce the amount of waste generated. To further encourage this, monetary rewards will be decided after the introduction of the levy. Complimentary measures including a wide array of promotional and educational campaigns will also be carried out simultaneously with the levy. Based on the above, my 1st speaker will prove to you the practicality of introducing the waste levy in tackling the imminent domestic waste problem. My 2nd speaker will then prove to you the effectiveness of implementation the charge with evidence of successful cases

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