"Where You Are from Matters" Write an Essay Discussing the Impact That Various Forms of Spatial Organization Have on the Well-Being of People.

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Each person on this planet is unique, a distinctive mix of our parents genes help shape who we are. Our appearance, personality traits and social skills, among other things, are hereditary in a manner of speaking. Nevertheless, a huge number of a person’s characteristics come not from the parents who created them, but from the space they are from. Whether or not someone will be born with health defects or conditions, their religion, their height, and if they will face race, religion or sexual discrimination growing up, are all direct impacts of spatial organizations on the well-being of people. While people’s familiarities with these experiences feel individual to them, in actuality these problems occur in groups. These groupings of inequality although, do not occur naturally. The most simplistic way to theorize the interaction of society with spatial organization is as a reflection on social divisions. Quality and thus cost of housing vary over different spaces. This means that those who can, will pay more for housing in well serviced and pleasant environments. This means that those with high incomes tend to cluster to certain spaces, which are separated from areas where those with lower incomes occupy. In theory this seems pretty simplistic, but in reality this issue is much more complex. This social divide ultimately affects many other factors, on an economic, cultural and urban scale. These impacts will be discussed in the following essay. Economic geography has taken to a number of different subject matters, all of which have an influence on people. International trade and development, real estate, transportation, and gendered economies are all effects which have an impact on people’s welfare. Taking the gender economy, and in particular education discrimination. This is a direct impact of the spatial organization where individuals are from. Women in developing
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