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Everyone is faced with the decision as to where they are going to live. Some people may choose to stay in their home town. Others will venture across the country or in some cases move to a new country. Either way, you will have to choose to live in a rural town or in a city. Most people in America have chosen to live in or around a big city. Pew Research Center did a survey and found that 31% of Americans live in a city with another 26% in surrounding suburbs. That leaves 26% for small towns and 16% for rural. Both a city and a small town will have different reasons to choose one or the other. There are numerous dissimilarities between the two. I would like to explore some of those differences. Without a doubt there is a plethora of activities to choose from in a city. A city has soaring skyscrapers that are reaching for the sky. It is full of restaurants that serve cuisine from all over the word. There are multiple movie theaters, museums, and venues that are constantly bringing in new live shows. The streets are filled with people rushing to get somewhere. In comparison, a small town is like a different word. You normally will have a main street lined with older buildings. The tallest structure is either the courthouse or the bell tower of a church. A small town may have one movie theater with one or two screens, a handful of places to eat, and tavern. Although, when you go into a restaurant in a small town they will address you by name. At the restaurant that I frequent in my town the owner not only addresses you by name, but will let my wife know if here favorite ice cream is in. She also will bring out an array of bottle caps; which she has saved for my son collection. You will not find the selection of places in a small town as in the city, but you would be hard pressed to find the same type of personal service from businesses in a

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