Where The Wild Things Are

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“The Chase”, a short story written by Alberto Moravia describes the life of a man eager to understand his relationship and childhood. The story begins by reminiscing the narrator’s specific influential event; one that he might never forget. It was a day when his father shot and killed a bird on the branch of a tree. The main character, vividly remembers his father placing the bird in the palms of his hands. He could feel the blood gushing out of the bird and couldn’t understand why this one, innocent bird was meant to be shot. It was through this painful episode that he was able to learn some very important values in life. Later in the story, these values are put to the test. We soon find the man on a chase to see his wife travel about the city only to learn that his wife is cheating on him. Before he comes to terms with this, he realizes how to properly go about the situation. Instead of making unwise decisions he learns from his past and comes to understand the importance of freedom and maturity. The main characters’ actions express the key values of the human process, and help people understand the proper measures when going about something so detrimental. The main character decides not to take a course of action because he knows he wouldn’t be able to properly handle the situation. In the beginning of the short story the man recounts the memory of his father killing a bird. He had never been a huntsman before, but for some reason this experience caused him major emotional trauma. The boy was so distressed that he still remembered what happened even at his married age. “It was like watching an animal whose vitality was rendered more intense by the very fact of my watching it.” He becomes fixated on seeing his wife become a wild woman who signified intimacy, privacy, and secrecy. One morning he sees her walk out of the apartment and mentions, “I thought again of
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