Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein Essay

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Louisiana Purchase Critical Analysis The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of land that nearly doubled the size of America. The Louisiana Purchase was the biggest achievement of Jefferson’s administration. Jefferson negotiated with congress to approve the $15 million to pay Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the “most dangerous man in Europe at the Time.” On December 20, 1803 the United States representatives took formal possession of the Louisiana Territory. I’m writing this paper to give two authors views on the Louisiana Purchase. The First author being Frank W. Brecher, who wrote, “Negotiating the Louisiana Purchase.” An article about the negotiating of the Purchase through the French views. Brecher wrote this article to inform his reader of French influence on the Louisiana Purchase and that it was not only one sided. In his article there is controversy between Napoleon and Charles de Telleyrand, the French minister at the time, and their dispute concerning who should get the prize of the Purchase, being money. Brecher also focuses on the negotiations of the purchase. The second article I read was “William Clark's World: Describing America in an Age of Unknowns,” by Peter J. Kastor. This article about how Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who explored the newly obtained American land. Kastor wrote this article to inform his reader about the obstacles the two explorers had to over come to maintain accurate reports about the new land. The article focuses on the Territory of Louisiana rather than the negotiations and political views of the land. After reading the two articles by Peter Kastor and Frank Brencher, both about the Louisiana Purchase, both also had different views. In my opinion I thought Brechers article was more informative about the actual purchase and negotiation about the land. While Kastors article was merely about the land and culture
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