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Basic Information: Where the Red Fern Grows Wilson Rawls Delacorte Press Copyright 1961 212 pages Setting: Where the Red Fern Grows takes place in Oklahoma. Billy Colman lived in a small log house that nestled in the foothills of a small canyon. The house was surrounded by large red oak trees. Behind Billy’s house you could see miles of the beautiful white tipped Ozark Mountains. There where fields of wild flowers, redbuds, and dogwoods. Below their fields was the clear blue winding Illinois River. The land was fertile and they grew many vegetables. Characterization: The main Character is Billy Colman. He book begins when Billy is ten years old. He is a country boy with blond hair. He wears blue overalls, and has no shoes. Billy has a mother and father and two sisters. He dream is to have two hound dogs to hunt raccoons with. Billy is a very brave kid. He went to Kentucky to pick up his hound dogs. On the way back he ran into a…show more content…
The problem is he has no money and his parents are poor farmers who have barely enough money for their family to live on. He asked his mother for help but she didn’t have any money which made her very sad that she could not help him. Billy found a sportsman’s magazine in a abandoned fishing camp. In the magazine was an ad for two hound dogs from Kentucky for fifty dollars. Billy decided to earn the money himself to get his dogs. Billy spent two years working hard and long to make the money for his two hound dogs. He sold vegetables, minnows, and crawfish to local fisherman. In berry season Billy picked blackberries and huckleberries to sell at his grandfather’s store. Billy owned three traps his father had given him. Billy would set each trap in different canebrakes to find all sorts of small animals. He would sell their furs at his grandfather’s store. A rabbits fur would get him twenty five

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