Where Our Water Comes From Essay

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Where our water comes from. I’ve never really thought about where my water comes from only because I’ve never had to think about it. You could say I’ve taken my water for granted. I think if I turned on the tap, shower, or hose and water didn’t come pouring id question that. I’ve grown up always being around flowing water. It’s never crossed my mind to think where it comes from I spent some time researching and asking my parents questions on where it comes from. I found out our water in Victoria comes from the Sooke reservoir. My family has owned a cabin for fifth teen years up island on Sprout Lake. For the about eleven years we didn’t have running water since our cabin is on a boat access only piece of property. The kids would need to bring down giant jugs down to the lake and fill them up and carry them up to the cabin for dishes, cooking, and many more reasons. After getting tired of brining water up my family decided to buy a water pump which pumped water up to our forty five gallon water drums. We have a forty five gallon water drum in the addict of the cabin which we hooked up to a sink we have not hot water only cold. For hot water you need to heat it up on our propane stove. I think knowing where your natural resources come from is very good so you know what’s going on with everything. Knowing where my water comes from opened my eyes and made me research where other things come from such as plastic is a man-made product that doesn’t occur naturally on its own. Almost all plastics are made from oil by a special procedure that changes the oil’s carbon. Carbon is an element, and oil naturally has lots of them. While plastic has many benefits, one frequently cited problem with this useful material is that it’s usually not biodegradable, not able to naturally decompose and so if it’s thrown away instead of recycled, it can create a lot of waste. To help with
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