Where Men Win Glory

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389335 / Novel Analysis 2 November 2013 Where Men Win Glory – analysis The story of Pat Tillman “Where Men Win GLORY” written by Jon Krakauer was remarkable. Whether you are a fan of the NFL association or
just someone who remembers hearing about the All-Pro athlete who
gave up everything to join the military made you think twice about what type of man that he was. Tillman did what
no current nor former athlete in recent history has ever done which was turn his back on
his promising NFL career and walk away from his wife to
join the U.S. armed forces and defend his country. The events of 9/11 that occurred shortly before he joined helped him purse his action on joining the military. Unfortunately his story did not end in true heroic fashion. His death during
battle was twisted and covered up by the military so that the truth of what really happened wouldn’t prevail. (Biskeborn) Growing up in San Jose, California where he was born November 6th, 1976 he was extremely close to his family and high school friends that attended Leland high school. Being the jock around school you would think that he would be a bully but he was far from that he actually was the total opposite he loved to help others anyway possible. What could have been a hug twist in his life was the night that his football team won the state championship the whole team went out to celebrate the victory while one of his teammates was sloppy drunk and the other team that got beat just so happened to show up. His friend got into a slight altercation, which lead to Tillman interfering trying to protect his teammate when things went wrong and a fight broke out and he seriously injured the opposing person, which lead to the arrest. This incident could have changed his whole life not only would it have stripped his college scholarship but it would have illuminated his chance of going into the military.

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