Where Is The Justice? Essay

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Where is the Justice? A look into the definition of justice as discussed by Plato. Where is the justice? If one goes into a municipal court house in Canada there is a good chance one might here someone ask that question. What is this justice that these people are trying to find? A common answer would be action taken to rectify a wrong done to someone, the role of a justice system. The justice system is a means to protect people from being subjected to the unjust actions of others by asking people to treat others fairly and punishing those who do not. Aside from being something that protects people it can also be seen as something that limits others. The limitation put on people can be seen not only as restrictive but good in itself. It is beneficial, like that of the speed limit on a road. It keeps people safe and on the road, but it can be good because it stands for more than the protection of people. One must first know what is just in order for one to know what is justice. The definition of just is, “Consistent with what is morally right; righteous: a just cause.”[1] Using this definition a just action is one that is morally right. When someone wants something the just way of obtaining it would be by actions and methods, that are morally correct. A just method to obtain something of desire would be to buy or trade for it, but what should one do if one does not have money to buy, or anything with which to trade? Other just actions are available. One can work for money, or sell a few of one’s possessions for money to buy what is needed. If one stole something that is wanted though, that would be unjust because stealing is commonly considered as morally wrong. When something unjust occurs it is an injustice and someone usually suffers this injustice. In the case of theft, the person from whom something has been stolen is the person who has
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